b3 Wish: Full Screen Scroll Bar

Hi Keith,

I know you are doing a fix on the scroll bar (where it fires the text to the end of the document) but I was wondering if it were posible to choose to have the Full Screen Scroll Bar arrows so the up arrow was at the top of the Scroll Bar and the the down arrow was at the bottom.

PS I really concur with others who see the merit in an early b3 release that just fixes the main problems with b2. Things such as the Scroll Bar in Full Screen are day to day working needs for me (and others too - it is brilliant.)

Like most of the functions in Scrivener, any one would be reason enough to desire the application; but together, these functions make it a must buy for any writer.

I don’t think this would be very Mac-like, given that you choose whether you want scroll buttons at the bottom or at the top and bottom via System Preferences. Having this work separately for full screen would just be confusing for most users, I think.

Hi Keith,

I know this totally whacky, but I was getting both arrows at the bottom in Scrivener even though I had set my preferences for top and bottom in system preferences. I did a Diskwarrior directory fix and a permissions fix and a cache clean on my computer and now the arrows in Scrivener are the same as in the system preferences. We can conclude that it was my system causing the problem, not Scrivener.

The two arrows still persist together in FULL SCREEN mode - but not in the normal Scrivener view or split screen mode.

However, it does suggest an idea for later releases - that users at least do a directory fix and a permissions fix after loading Scrivener.

It also fixed the missing scroll bar in the left panel of a vertically split screen.


PS: I see in Tips and Tricks you have used ‘Alt-Click’. What is the Mac equivalent?

Sorry, I don’t know what you mean by “Mac equivalent”…? To what? I know a lot of Mac users refer to the “alt” button as the “opt” or “option” button - is that what you mean? Was “alt” labelled “option” on older keyboards or something?

Anyway, the “fix permissions” thing is certainly a good tip - it is a good idea when you get problems for a lot of things, actually. One for the FAQ, methinks.

Thanks and all the best,

Thanks Keith,

I sort of guessed that Alt = Opt.

That cleared that up. Thanks.

I did a one line edit of my previous post after you had responded. The arrow problem is fixed (for me) in normal view mode, ie just working normally with Scrivener - but not in Full Screen Mode.

In Full Screen mode the permissions thing had no effect. They are still both together at the bottom of the scroll bar, even though system preferences arrows are set to top and bottom.


Oh dear - what happened there? Yep, that’s a bug all right. On the list.

I am not sure precisely when they started the transition, but it was in the last few years. Before then, they never printed “alt” on that key, it was just “opt” on the laptops, or “option.” On the full size Mac keyboards, it is still labelled “option,” with a smaller font “alt” above it. They still print an Apple on the Command key, too. A lot of older Mac users still say, “Press Apple N to make a new document…”

I imagine they have decided to go with “alt” labels to help Windows users transition. I would have considered changing the control key, before that. That is the single most confusing aspect to Windows switchers, Command = Ctrl, but not Control, which is a right-click – and despite being placed in the same place as the Windows Ctrl key.

Ah… I only switched to a Mac about 2 1/2 years ago. My iBook, the keyboard I bought for my MacMini and my MacBook all have “alt”, so I have never seen an “option” key. Wondered why people called it that. :slight_smile: