[B36] Trivial but persistent spelling check problems

If you put any kind of punctuation after e.g. it will be flagged as misspelt; if you “correct” it using the right-mouse button in-context menu, Scrivener inserts “e.g.” in addition to the existing full-stop after g, so you get e.g… (plus your original punctuation), which Scrivener still flags as misspelt. This is one of a number of cases (i.e. and viz. are others) in which Scrivener seems to struggle to identify the end of the “word”. (I know this has been reported before, but couldn’t find the original post and don’t want it to get forgotten.)

Also, please could Scrivener stop flagging everyone’s initials and every abbreviation as a mistake? Could we have an option to ignore words in all caps, rather than having to manually add all possible combinations of letters (with and without full-stops between them)?

Just a bump to say that this is still a problem in B44. It would be hugely appreciated if it could be addressed at some point. Thanks.

Just noticed it happens with random possessives too, so Darwin’s, (with a comma after the s) gets flagged as a mistake, but I can put one after Lamarck’s, Wallace’s and Spencer’s and not have a problem (are L&L just crazed anti-Darwinians, I wonder? : :unamused: )

This may be a Hunspell issue, because I noticed that when Darwin’s, (with a comma) is flagged, the corrections do not include Darwin’s (possessive with no punctuation), only Darwins (plural). But if I type the possessive without trailing punctuation, it isn’t flagged.


I know what you’re talking about

Today it served as a sanctuary; there were no members of the press corps in here, just a handful of advisors.

It constantly tells me advisors is wrong it wants an 's
I just hit ignore.