[B39] Compile AS-IS not respecting new paragraph marks in front matter title page

I used the default manuscript title page and removed the name address and page count from the top. The only thing that remained was the project title and author that was centered down the page using new paragraph (ENTER key) marker. Like the following

I then compile the manuscript and none of the new paragraph marks were observed in the output. The text is translated correctly but at the top of the page rather than several lines further down, as formatted in Scrivener.

Hi mstep,

Which compile format were you using, and what were you compiling to (pdf, docx, etc.)?

A custom format based on Manuscript Courier. Target document type was docx.



Hi Mike,

Can you please send the custom format to win3beta@literatureandlatte.com, with a link to this thread? That may help us narrow down the issue.