[B40] Odd spacing issue with footnotes

I have noticed this in earlier betas, and reported it, but had forgotten about it because there were larger, more pressing issues with footnotes. Now that these have been addressed (thanks again), I am noticing that some footnotes display in the Inspector panel with extra space around them:

– the highlighted footnote is where I had just pasted my Endnote reference, but the ones below it are older ones. There is no extra text (i.e. no hard returns or spaces), and I can see no pattern as to which ones have extra space and which ones don’t. However, if you collapse and re-expand these notes (using the “down arrow” icon on the left), the space returns to normal, so this may be related to [LH1853] https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/lh1853-bug-footnotes-do-not-expand-properly-after-being-collapsed/48395/1