[B44] "Undo" undoes too much?

This isn’t new, but I’ve been meaning to report it for a while. If i type a few words, then paste something, and realise that I’ve pasted the wrong thing, I hit “undo” (using the Ctrl-Z shortcut). I would expect that to “undo” the last command (the paste), but it always undoes the typing too.

Not sure if this is really a bug, but it’s not what I’d expect. (In Ms Word, for example, undo reverses the paste, but not the typing, which is what I expect.)

I seem to recall seeing this in v. 1.x too. It may be a case of “how it works.”

I would expect that too. It may be they are not adding clipboard actions into their undo list. I don’t know what control or component they are using for their main text editor. I suppose it’s possible that’s “how it works” but not sure.

Version 1 does this too. I wouldn’t list this under bugs

This has improved in RC5, but still happens sometimes (e.g. if you paste before you have typed or pressed any keys).