b5: Text Mode

Just an observation. When I use the Text Mode (which I can now customise into the menu bar - Thanks!) :smiley: , I got to thinking that it would be great if I could see the Screenplay (etc) pop-up panel at the bottom of the screen permanently.

Is it possible in a future edition to consider a function that would allow it to remain visible for as long as I need it, then to disappear when I decide I just want to work on General Text?

The numbers 1 to 9, are they function calls? I can’t figure out what those numbers refer to.

The pop-up panel for Screenplay is just a bit too long to reveal all nine functions. It reveals 1 to 7 OK, then I have to put the cursor on the ‘down’ arrow. As I said, just an observation.


Not sure why you would want this…? The pop-up only has any meaning at all when you are in screenplay or stageplay modes. In normal text mode it would do nothing. Moreover, you have a character and word count in normal text mode that is replaced by the prompts and the pop-up in script modes. So, I don’t really see the point in having a pop-up button that doesn’t do anything visible in General Text mode.

From the release notes:


Not sure what your point is here. How much of the pop-up will appear is up to Apple’s internal methods, and it also depends on which element is currently selected.

Hi Keith, Yes I really made that clear didn’t I? So sorry. I guess I am trying to say something like, if the little pop-up panel for Screenplay mode was visible all the time I am working on a screenplay then I would be able to see at a glance what number I needed to call for say, Dialogue, etc.

What happens at the moment is that the panel disappears after I choose say, Action and then I need to call it again to find the number for Character and then again for Dialogue.

So, if I needed to select Screenplay from the Text Mode (or stage play), it would be great if that mode brought up the appropriate pop-up and it stayed visible while I was using that mode. Then when I had finished working in Screenplay mode and went back to General Text the pop-up then disappeared. As it is the pop-up at the bottom and the menu bar drop down menu show different things.

So, this is just a wish, because, while I mostly do my screenwriting in MM ScreenWriter, I have a love affair going with Scrivener and I just want to be with it more often. We sort of get along pretty well. So this is just a yearning for this function for a future release. It is quite adequate as it is.

I don’t know if it is of any use but Movie Magic ScreenWriter has these available to the writer as a little vertical bar attached to the scroll bar as abbreviations, ir Ch, D, A, etc., so you can just cursor over each one to click hilited text into its proper configuration.

EDIT of last entry: Keith, just thought you might be pleased to know that using the system you have created in Scrivener for marking screenplay layouts (Action, Character, etc) translated into ScreenWriter 6 (not yet released) perfectly, and all the choices made in Scrivener (that I tested) came up in ScreenWriter 6 without the need to do any editing. The text was just copied and pasted (not even ‘imported’) resulting in perfect layout in ScreenWriter 6. So from me - WOW!!!

This is just an amazing writers tool.

Thanks Lord Lightning - it’s great to hear that you can get your work from Scrivener into other dedicated apps. :slight_smile: As for the rest, I’m not entirely sure what you mean, but I think you are asking for the menu to remain visible (with Scene Heading, Dialogue etc). This isn’t really possible because of the nature of pop-up buttons. But if you get in the habit of hitting Cmd-Y to bring it up, it shouldn’t be too much of a chore. Apologies if I still misunderstand you.