Back and forward buttons

This might be a bit mad - I’m probably spoilt from using the Web - but would it be possible to have Back and Forward navigation buttons?

Let’s say I’m writing a piece about companies trading with Portugal. I have a split screen in the Scrivener project for this particular publication. In the top I have my list of companies to talk to, and in the bottom I have the notes for one interview I’ve done, with one of these companies.

I’d like to send an email to another company, so I change the document at the bottom of the screen to my email form: Dear Xx Xx, I have been commissioned to write an article, blah blah, Sincerely, Me.

Now, I can then remember what document I was in, and want to go back to, but being lazy, I’d love to be able to click a Back button and have that document come back automagically.

Would it be possible, or is it too much trouble, a risk of kludgy knock-on effects and unnecessary?

You mean like the Back and Forward buttons in the header?
(View > Layout > Show Header View)

You can also use the keyboard shortcuts: ⌘[ (backward) and ⌘] (forward).


I have Header View turned on, but can’t see any back or forward buttons.

That’s odd. It’s supposed to look like this:

Oh! Hadn’t noticed those! Thanks!