Back Button Mouseclick

I am absolutely loving all of the features this program has to offer. 10/10.

I understand that there are back/forward buttons with associated hotkeys ctrl + [ and ctrl + ] but I was wondering if the actual back/forward mouse press could be used as well.

In most programs, including most browsers, the back button on my mouse takes me back to the previous document, and now I’ve been accustomed to it. It would be extremely handy to be able to switch documents to check something, and then pop back without having to take my hand off my mouse and finding the ‘[’ key. I know it’s a little bit nit picky but when I have an idea in my head it sucks to have to lose my train of thought. It’s just something that’s been really bothering me.

I hope this isn’t too much to ask.


Does your mouse come with drivers that let you program its buttons? If not there are surely third-party tools for doing so, though I’m not familiar enough with Windows to make any recommendations. That’s exactly what I do with my Mac though, I have six buttons on my mouse and I set them up to do useful things like this in all of my frequently used programs.