Back Cover JPG is too small in Kindle Previewer

The mobi version looks great in the Kindle Previewer except for the Back Cover which is the last page of the book. It is about 1/4 th the size of the page. The front cover appears full size at the beginning of the book.

How do I increase the size of the back_cover.jpg to fit the page of the book?


There’s no built-in concept of a back cover, either in ePub, Kindle or Scrivener, so presumably this is something you are including yourself somehow. I assume you have added the image to a text file and included that. If so, first I recommend checking the size of the original image in an image editor and making sure it is big enough.

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I would also consider using image placeholder tags for this, as you can specify how large an image should be in relation to the screen it is being viewed on: