Back/Forward Mouse Buttons

Hi all,

I am loving Scrivener, but just thought of an idea as I was working on my novel. Maybe this is in the options somewhere and I missed it, but it would be great if the back and forward buttons on some mouses worked with the back and forward buttons in Scrivener, like they do for a web browser.

Keep up the good work!

Does your mouse have programming software? If you can, set it up to trigger the keyboard shortcuts for Back and Forward, while using Scrivener. That’s what I do with my mouse as well; it is pretty nice when you are clicking around.

I just have the Logitech SetPoint software. It doesn’t appear to provide application-specific controls, unfortunately, unless I’m missing something?

Yes, it should, though you’ll need to click on some advanced setting somewhere to get to it. I have a Logitech mouse as well, and used SetPoint to create application specific profiles. Unfortunately at the moment that particular partition is blue-screening on boot, so I can’t look up the precise sequence. I just remember it was in one of the last tabs on the left side, and then in an advanced interface beyond that.

Oh I found the setting. But what is the keyboard shortcut for back and forward? I could only find the keyboard short cut for moving up and down through documents, but that’s not what I want.

The function pair is in View/Editor/. They are “Forward in Document History” and “Backward…”, or Ctrl-[ and ], respectively.

Thanks! I think this did the trick.