Back Links for Document References

I think I first asked about this back in late 2011, and I was just wondering if I get on my knees and beg (with civility and respect, of course), if I might persuade you to implement this feature. As I understand, it is available in the Mac version of Scrivener, and for me (and I would think for many others) it would be such a useful feature. I use it to link characters and locations to scenes. Dragging the character into the document reference area creates a very nice link to the character and allows me to see at a glance what characters appear in each scene. If the back link feature were implemented, I could then, whenever editing or viewing character data, see at a glance in which scenes that particular character appears.

I find this to be an extremely useful feature, and I can’t tell you how grateful I would be if you could elevate it on the priority list of features to be implemented soon.

I, in turn, will promise to sing the praises of Scrivener even more vociferously than I currently do.

There. Have I been humble and fawning enough?

Seriously, Scrivener is great; thanks for considering this feature. It would truly be a big help.

Dick Keaton

Thanks, Dick! I’m moving this to the Feedback forum, where it is more likely to be seen by Lee.

I was just wondering if anyone has given any additional thought to this. Any update would be much appreciated. Do you think I could expedite this if I made a contribution to the retired Scrivener Programmer Memorial Fund? Just asking.

Thanks again for your consideration.


Hi Dick, This is on our list for future implementation; as you noted, it is a feature in the 2.x Mac version, and all of this will be coming to Windows as it continues development. Lee is working on a bug fix update at the moment, but when we get into working on 2.0, the backlinks are up there on the list.

Thanks much for the update. I’ll be anxiously awaiting Scrivener for Windows 2.x!


Has this feature been implemented? I’m quite curious even if this is 6 years ago.

It is still on the list to be implemented, but it will at this point show up in the public beta first.

Hello AmberV

I thought you will archive this thread like some moderators do and will post a snug reply, but you actually answered even after 6 years. I am still waiting to buy Scrivener 3, I am just waiting for back links. Thanks for this information. Keep up the good work!

You should see the threads that go back to 2006 that still pop up from time to time. :slight_smile: Six years ain’t nuthin’ around here!