Back Matter Formatting and Chapter Titles

I’m having a problem including some back matter to my novel. So I have about 30 chapters and an epilogue, and then after that I have some back matter, that I’d like to add. The problem is that it always includes the chapter numbers on my back matter.

So for example for my Author Bio page, it says:

Chapter 33
Author Bio

And for my Epilogue it says:

Chapter 32

I’ve tried putting it in a separate chapter folder, making it a scene text. I’ve fiddled with the formatting and different levels, removing the automated chapter numbering. All that does is remove my table of contents.

What I’d like is to keep my Table of Content intact with the correct title page, license notes, chapter numbers, and then author bio. But I’d also like to not have the Chapter numbers on my back matter.

I hope I’m making sense. Basically, I’m trying to prevent specific documents from being auto-numbered. I know there’s a way to do it for the Mac by going to the title adjustments tab, but I don’t see this option for Windows. Is there a way to do it? Thanks for your help.

The Novel template starts out with the assumption that you will either write with chapter folders (level 1 folders) and scene documents (level 2 documents) in them, or a series of chapter documents (level 1 documents).

It sounds like you have chapter folders, so what I would suggest is to add level 1 documents for your “back matter”, and then go to File->Compile->Formatting, and adjust the level 1 document row to not insert “Chapter X”. You get to that by clicking on the appropriate row and clicking the Modify button, then the Section Layout button.

Thank you. This helped me compile my “back matter” without chapter numbers.