Back matter

Any chance of a Back Matter folder option during compilation?

A chance, yes. :slight_smile: It has been on the list for consideration so it might make it into a future update. Just out of curiosity, what particular operations are you needing for it that are not otherwise addressed, or efficient, with the existing features? One of the reasons why it has just lingered on the list is because there hasn’t been much specific on what back matter would actually entail.

Well, I’d use it much the same way as I use the incredibly-useful front matter: I can add different sections depending on what medium I’m compiling the project for.

At the end of the book, I would like to add a blank page that only will appear in the printed version. I would also like a ‘Thank you’ page which will be different on eBooks (because the art work is handled by different artists). I would also like the ‘See also’ page to have hyperlinks in the eBook, but not in the printed version. There’s also a different set of hyperlinks for the iPad version. I also want a different picture of me depending on whether it’s an eBook or a print.

Having front and back matter options makes it much easier to handle.

Scrivener is pretty unique in that it is the only writing app where you can go from planning to finished product without needing any other piece of software (and I have tried them all). It’s the seemingly unimportant touches that make a real difference (like the rounded corners at the top and bottom of the page view … :slight_smile: ).

A Back Matter folder would be a huge help to those of us who self-publish e-books on multiple online retailers.

The reason is simple. A marketing best practice is to include a Call to Action to the reader immediately after the book ends, with a suggested next book for them to buy. There is never a better time to ask the reader to buy the next book than right after she’s finished a book by an author she loves.

Ideally, the Call to Action would include a direct link to the product page for the suggested book.

But this MUST be individualized to the specific retailer. Amazon would not allow links to B&N, and vice-versa.

So I would love to have a Back Matter folder that lets me have a page for the Amazon version of the e-book that includes a direct link to the Amazon sales page for the next book. And likewise for the B&N version, the Kobo version, the Apple version, etc. And then there would be a generic version to use on Smashwords and CreateSpace that would have no clickable links.

A second major issue is that Front Matter for e-books should contain as little as possible, for marketing reasons. I want almost nothing at the front of my books, because when people preview it on Amazon, they shouldn’t have a lot of Front Matter cluttering things up. All the usual front matter stuff should go to the end of the book, and the best place to put that would be in a Back Matter folder.

I too would like to see back matter, especially since I’m planning to go down the route ringermanson described.

+1 for a back matter folder. This would be incredibly helpful for publishing in multiple formats to multiple retailers. Right now I have to change my back matter manually before each compile.

Just want to chime in to say, “Yes, please!” to back matter for the reasons already stated. :smiley: This would make my life so much easier when creating the different files I need for online retailers. Thanks!

It’s on the list of future possibilities.