Back to the Other Side

Although I used Windows all my life and had no desire to do anything on a Mac, right after Scriv 3 for Mac was released, I got a used 15" MacBook Pro. I never loved the system, but I did love the retina screen. So much so that I started using the MBP more and more. It made the screen on my older Windows laptop look positively blurry.

When I first shopped for that Windows laptop, I wanted a 17" machine, but actually seeing a few in the stores cured me of that. They were all heavy monsters, and the extra screen real estate wasn’t worth it The 15-inchers weighed quite enough.

Then about 18 months ago I saw an LG Gram 17" PC at Costco. They were on sale, and I worked on talking myself out of one, which after all I didn’t need, until the sale was over, and the usual price killed that urge.

So earlier this month I was again in Costco, again saw them on sale, and the urge came back full fledged - 17" screen, as beautiful to my eyes as the retina, higher, wider, machine weighs just under 3 pounds. Being sick of lockdown and feeling sorry for myself didn’t help my resistance. So back to Costco I went, and back to Windows I’ve gone - except for Vellum. :slight_smile:

Live where you’re happy!

I’m glad that you’ve find your place in Windows. Mine has been the opposite. Trying the Windows route for a couple or so years, until my wife left me her old MacBook Air for some months.

This week I bit the bullet and bought the new Macbook Air 2020. Couldn’t be happier.