Back to using Scrivener and I have a question

I am back to using Scrivener after a while away. When I go to compile it takes me to the screen with the 3 sections including the Format and Section Layout in the middle. When I hit compile it indicates it is compiling the document but when I go to print preview nothing is there. It does not give me any other information options to set up. What am I missing?

Make sure you are compiling the manuscript (or what part of it you want). Check what is in the red box in the third panel. Then check the displayed files to compile and make sure the little boxes are checked.

When you used Scrivener before, was it v. 1.x? If it was there is a guide detailing the differences in Compilation between that and v. 3.

Did you start from a template like “Novel”? If not, have you assigned Section layouts to the different Section types in your project?


I’d start by trying something other than “print preview”. Like set the Compile for dropdown at the top to RTF or DOCX, and see what you have in a word processor.

For all we know nothing is wrong with Scrivener, or your settings, and what you’re looking at is a driver issue with your system! You could also have fields of white text on white paper—something you’d never be able to tell from a print preview, but would be fairly obvious in a word processor just be selecting all.

Overall print preview is one of the least informative ways to figure anything out, is what I’m getting at. It involves a lot of operating system (and potentially hardware) level variables, and the result is nearly as impenetrable as a screenshot of the problem.