Back to Windows

As I posted in the Mac feedback threads, after several years of using Scrivener 3 on a MacBook Pro, I’m back to Windows because of my absolutely self-indulgent purchase of a 2020 LG Gram with 17" screen - which weighs less than 3 pounds.

I really debated with myself whether to put the current version of Scrivener on this machine, because dealing with monthly uninstall/install has no appeal for me. But then neither does dealing with incompatibility issues between software versions in a pinch. So in the end I installed the latest beta of Scriv 3 for Windows…

So far I’m having no problems with Windows 10, which I’d never used before. My old Windows laptop is 7, and I’m in love with this new laptop with its bigger screen yet lighter weight. I’m at an age where the weight really matters, and I can’t make myself use Scriv in the distraction-free mode. I like and want the Binder to the left and Inspector to the right, so the bigger screen that gives me a bigger Editor even with those other two showing makes me happy.

Sounds like a nice laptop.

I currently run WinScrivener V3 beta on a win vm on 16” mbp and 13.3 Surface Laptop 3. It runs best on the mbp, especially on the new Parallels 16.

I do the updates via check for updates and update from there, so no uninstall involved. Takes a few minutes only.

Thanks for that. I saw somewhere in this forum advice that one needed to uninstall and then install so that’s what I planned to do, but I just tried it your way, and it worked fine.