Back up files erased?

I was so careful, too!

Today was “back up day” so I was backing up my novel – all 14k of it. I saved the file like I normally do when I take a break and then I backed it up (zip style) onto my desktop. I decided that there were too many multiple files of the same document (I knew the name of the newest saved file, and I had the backup so I thought I was safe) so I went and deleted the old ones, organizing the new ones in the folder and making it less cluttered. I guess when I did that, the data got deleted or something because I just looked at my novel and found all but the newest 1k I had written in there.

My backup, which had been on my desktop, had been placed in Dropbox for safe keeping. So I went to Dropbox, got the file, and unzipped it to find…the same thing had happened – no data except the latest 1k I had before I backed it up.

These were the only backups I had of it, save for the backup I made last week (also in Dropbox). Will a system restore affect the Scrivener data, or am I basically screwed? I’d prefer it if I knew where to go from here.

I’m wondering if I’m okay, too, cause I’ve been laughing like mad over this. Ah well, it was my risk to take. :slight_smile:

You mention verifying backups, but have you tried checking the base project file itself? Are you saying that file too only has a thousand words in it? You also mentioned deleting backups—how deleted are they? Are they still in the Trash?

The files deleted weren’t backups – they were files I had “saved as” at some point so I had multiple documents saved (did that make sense? I’m not sure.).

Those files were deleted deleted. Haha! In the end, I only have a handful of backups from the first week, and one from the second week (which is the one that was erased). I was backing it every other day the first week, but it got so cluttered I stopped doing that during the second one.

The base was the first one I opened up. It was the one that I noticed had erased entirely (save for those 1k worth of words I mentioned). Somehow, while unzipping and going through these files the 1k also erased (not sure how) on both base and backup file. So I finally unzipped the backup from the first week and it was fine – I have roughly 5-6k in there worth of words that I had written that week.

I’m thinking I’m just screwed. But I am wondering if this has happened before – both file and backup being erased.

What might have happened, when you did the big housekeeping thing to organise your desktop, you might have moved the project file while it was open. If you do that, I can see how only the last bit that you wrote would end up in it, because Scrivener wouldn’t have a way of know where the project moved to, and would thus keep merrily writing stuff to the old location, which now contains nothing except whatever is currently in memory and recently edited. Now maybe if that happened, and you didn’t notice until you closed it, you could end up with similarly empty backups, because those use the disk copy—which hypothetically at this point, only contained a small portion of your latest work. If you don’t switch around a lot inside the project, it would be conceivable that you didn’t even notice this a for a while, and kept writing out bad backups—and then deleted all of the ones that had the rest of the content.

That’s all a wild theory, but it would explain how you ended up with a partial project and a bunch of backups that all look like partial projects too.

One potentially fortunate thing in all of this, if you did delete the backups you need (the ones with the stuff you wrote before the splice happened), and they were stored in a Dropbox monitored folder—then you should be able to use the Dropbox web interface to look for deleted items (you’ll need to enable a mode to view those) and you can restore them! Hopefully! It’s one of big advantages of dropbox—you get that free versioning feature.

That’s good to know about Dropbox! However, it looks as though I only had the bad backup from week two.

You live, you learn. Whatever it is I did, I’ll just have to learn to be more careful next time. Everything is now organized to where I know where the base is, and where the backups are. No more clutter from my frantic week of worrying that one might not be enough. :slight_smile: