Back up on Project Close vs. on Manual Save

I just started using the option to back up on manual saves, and noticed that it doesn’t append the date stamp in the file name the way the ones triggered by a project close do. Also, even though the project didn’t change at all between the manual save backup and when I closed my project, it still did another backup.

So, I’m thinking there are two issues here: The “Use date in backup file names” should apply to “Back up with each manual save”, and if there is no change to the project between a manual save and project close, another backup should not be triggered.

I can’t reproduce this. Manual save creates date stamps for me just fine so long as the “Use date in backup file names” is ticked in the Preferences. In fact, it shouldn’t be possible for there to be any difference between backing up on manual save or on close, since both call exactly the same function.

As for backing up when there haven’t been any changes, Scrivener does its best to avoid this, but sometimes an internal state might have changed so it’s not always obvious.

All the best,

I must have triggered a change in the project somehow… odd. Glad it was just me. :unamused: