Back up sync says successful, but dropbox shows the files has not been updated

This is related to my previous post, but a separate issue.

When I synce my files, the dialogue box shows the number of files being synced, then says it’s successful. However, when I go to dropbox it shows the files hasn’t been updated. I have double and triple check the dropbox settings (also went step by step with the guide that was provided), and have confirmed everything is connected appropriately.

Is this a bug or is there some kind of fix ? I am on an iPad Pro, 12.9", running iOS 11.3.1


Are you sure you are looking in the correct folder in Dropbox? And how are you looking ar the Dropbox server?

Thanks for the response Lunk.

I checked the connection to dropbox several times (well over 5) to make sure. Then I did a search in dropbox for anything with the letters “scriv”, but still wasn’t able to find anything new. Right now I’m manually sharing the project via google and backing it up that way. As far as how I’m accessing dropbox, I checked it both through the official iOS app and through the browser interface as well.

Do you think it’s worth unlinking dropbox then re-linking it? Maybe that will kick it into gear, although I am nervous about what that might delete… :open_mouth:

If you use the Dropbox app it will basically show when the folder .scriv was created. I checked with my own projects which I also edit on my Mac. The date shown in Finder (last accessed) is not the same as what you see in the iOS app. And I think the same goes for the web browser version. It looks as a file in both although it’s a folder (what Apple calls a package, a folder disguised as a file).

So in short; you can’t check its status on thr Dropbox server from an iOS device. But does it matter? You have your iDevice backed up to iCloud?

I check dropbox directly through the dropbox app and the dropbox web-app, neither show a recent modification date for the file. When I restore with the file it restores the older version. Also, if anything was changed in the file (even in a package) the modification date would change, but it doesn’t.

A little later today I’ll try unlinking dropbox then I’ll link it back up.

The Dropbox app does NOT show the correct date for the .scriv package (folder) and it can’t show the content of the package.

If I look at using Safari on my iPad it shows the .scriv packages but no modification date at all.

If I look at the dates in the Scrivener app on the iPad it shows the correct dates for when the projects were updated last time.

If I look at the dates in Finder on any of my Macs it shows when the .scriv packages were updated on each Mac, which depends on when I last started it.

So, to sum it up a second time, you CAN’T see the dates when individual files within your .scriv project package (folder) were changed on the Dropbox server using the iPad.

But, in short, what is actually the problem? Why do you restore your project from the Dropbox server if you have a n updated version on your iPad? Why are you trying to check the dates on the Dropbox server?

This. The date of the .scriv folder is not reliable, on either the Mac or the Dropbox server.

If you are trying to test whether synchronization is working correctly, make an obvious change to the project, synchronize, and make sure all devices reflect that change. Use a test project if you’re worried about risking your work.

If you are testing the use of Dropbox for backups, don’t. Dropbox sync alone is not an adequate backup strategy, because it is too easy to accidentally damage the contents of the Dropbox account. Rather, tap the Edit button on the project screen, select the project, and tap the Share icon at the bottom. That will allow you to create a ZIP file and send it to a variety of places, including emailing it to yourself.


Thanks for the responses, and sorry for the delayed answer. I’m now backing it up by sending by ‘sharing’ it to my google drive, and it’s working great.

To answer your question, Lunk, I needed a more reliable backup solution because I lost a lot of writing (twice) when I relied on the app itself and again when I relied on Dropbox.