Back Up Tips & Tricks

I named my Hard Drive “That Ass” so once a week my computer asks me if I want to

Back “That Ass” up.

I’m always back’in up. My Daddy taught me good.

We really were criminally negligent parents, back in the 18th century, cutting you loose and letting you out to play on your own :frowning:

Do you listen to the song while you are backing That Ass up? I dare you not to dance to it.

You did say DANCE. Is that dance as in: … re=related ?

Dance as in

I had this in mind, but whatever gets your toes tapping.

Very…err…very, hmm…words…
fail me. :confused:
What can I say? :neutral_face:

Cat got your tongue?

It’s a whole New World over there. No wonder you’re a Super Power. :frowning:

When I think of hillbilly square dancing I think more along the lines of this: … re=related

Nahh! There is only one benchmark for dance…at least on this planet: Riverdance!

You should not be allowed unfettered or unmonitored access to the internet.

I really should get up to Tennessee more. I had no idea that your hillbillies resembled beautiful Swedish techno artists.


We pretend like we know Riverdance, but really we only watch it if it happens to be on The Price is Right.

Just to make sure…we’re not getting off topic are we? :blush:

…the way the cookie crumbles, cousin…par f’ the course. :wink:

Cousin? Are we dating now?

pwwwt! pwwwt