back up to external

I like to make a backup of my writing files by emailing them to myself in gmail. With word, I just do “attach file” and find the word document and attach it.

When I try to do that with my scrivener file, my whole novel seems to be a folder (which I can’t attach).
Then I have to open two levels of folders until I finally get to some files it would let me attach, but it looks like there are at least 3 files for every section - a ton of files!

Is there a better way to do this? Maybe through export? When I tried that, it looked like it was only exporting the section I had opened?


You shouldn’t be taking single files from within the Scrivener folder because you’re whole project is stored in that folder. Your best option would be to make a zip backup then email that to yourself. This can be found under File -> Back Up. Scrivener also has the option to create back ups when you close your project. You can set when this happens and how many back up copies you want to keep by going to Tools -> Options -> Back Up.

Thank you!

I had looked for the automatic back-up info too but decided to stick to just one question.

I don’t know how I missed “back-up” under Files! Must be blind, I guess. :blush:

Thanks again!

Automatic backup settings: Tools->Options, then when the window pops up , select the “Backup” tab. many options on when backups are made, where they are stored, and how many to keep.

A mix of automatic backups and manual, intentional backups is a good idea too. You can tweak the automatic settings so that every backup is retained (leaving you to sort through and clean out the backups folder if you find yourself running out of disk space), but by default only the most five recent are kept. You can choose other numbers, and really five is usually sufficient such that even if you open and close a corrupt project a couple times you usually have one or two good backups still available (if you do an auto-save on both close and open, you will want to make this a higher number, though), but ultimately the purpose of this is to have a recent back up to restore from. It’s not a way to archive older milestone versions of the project that at some point much further down the road you might want to go back and look at. So using File > Back Up > Back Up To… option and choosing a different location and a specific name for the backup is a nice way to also retain copies of your project from different key points in time that won’t be cleared out by the system.

It’s also a way to just make your backup in a different location, so if you do want to just quickly create a .zip that you can email to yourself, maybe you just want to run this and create a backup to your desktop that you can drag into gmail and then be done with, leaving all the automatic copies off in whatever deeper-level location you’re saving them.