Back up vs scrivener file

Hi all,

I hope there is someone to help me with this issue.
My last opened file, the one I open Scrivener automatically with, is a back up file. I had trouble opening the original file, so I opened my last backup. Now this file is not the same any more as the ‘original’ file, or the Scrivener file. I cannot save this file under the original file (Save as…), so they are one and the same again. Do I have to work with the backup file from now on?

I have more files with the same issue, so some projects are now actually backup files which are backed up.

Any one?

Can I sync with external folder, which is another Scrivener file? In my case with the original file?

Backup files should be Backup files
You should never use backup files as working files.
Working files should have at least 3 copies, in 2 separate places, at least 1 off-site. This is minimum.I keep 4 copies on 3 different media, and one off-site.

If you are having this much trouble, then I’d suggest not automatically opening the previous file, but choosing it each time.

If something is imperfect with your working file, then copy or restore a backup to somewhere else. If things are scrambled, make an new project. If your current project is Whiteside, start a new project: Whiteside 2 for the restore.

Figure out what is wrong with your system. If you get more than say 1 problem needing a restore in 5 years, then there is probably something wrong with the way you are working. Scrivener is very reliable and shouldn’t create problems if handled properly.

Thank you. I’m trying to make sense of it all (English is not my mothers tongue).
It all started maybe with switching laptops, but only recently, after the update, I had trouble with launching the program. It was probably a Compatibility issue and looks now resolved.

If I have to create a new project, I have to copy manually all (chapters, scènes, research etc) to the new project?