back ups


I am trying to clean out my files and I have several of them with the extension Backup.scriv
I normally back up my novel daily to a server, but at some point I may have backed up the novel myself. Would these be those back ups? I just don’t want to delete anything that I shouldn’t.

Thank you so much!

Have you been using Scrivener for a few years? That sounds like the safety backup file that the software creates when the project format has been updated, and that hasn’t been done since 2.x was released in 2010. Any old projects that were opened in 2.x would have a “Project Name Backup.scriv” copy created automatically, and there were a few project format updates during the 1.x production cycle as well that might have generated these. Either way, it’s bound to be really old. Have you tried opening it up and seeing if it is remotely recent?

they are not recent and I have been using scrivener for years. (I love it!) I think it’s safe I can delete these files. Thank you for your help