Backdrop images in Full-Screen mode for Windows?

I recently purchased an educational license for Scrivener after enjoying the program in its beta stages. One of the biggest problems for me was that the Windows platform didn’t have the full-screen backdrop option, with customizable images for backgrounds. I know this difference between Mac and Windows won’t disappoint a lot of people, but it was a quirk that I REALLY wanted, in order to keep me inspired when writing.

I finally decided to purchase a license this morning after reading this on the Windows features page;

I thought ‘SCORE!’ the feature is finally here! Unfortunately, after reading the tutorial and doing a little research on the forums, it seems that the feature outline page for the Windows platform is misleading. I can’t find an option to create a custom backdrop for the full-screen editing mode anywhere!

I then referred to the ‘Differences between MAC and Windows’ post to double-check… and found this little note;


Have I missed something? And if the feature still isn’t available on the Windows platform, any idea when it will be?

Ack. We’ll fix the webpage–so sorry about that! No, the feature is not yet available on Windows, and I don’t have an ETA on it at the moment. What you could try in the meantime is using the background fade feature right now to see through to your desktop–obviously a workaround, but doable (and in fact even on the Mac a number of users do this anyway to view changing desktops or the like). Again, sorry for the confusion!