I usually use the Linux version of Scrivener but recently the hard drive I had it installed on failed, so right now I’m using the spare hard drive I installed Vista on for the sake of the couple of games I play and the software that has no decent Linux version or alternative. I like the idea of both being able to change the full screen backdrop and adjusting the layout to display two connected book pages. I know that the Linux version doesn’t have these features yet. But does the Windows version have them? If so, can anybody tell me where to find them?

I have been looking at the FAQ and the tutorials page and generally Googling. But the only way I can see to find out is to watch the videos and unfortunately the Vista hard drive also has a problem at the moment which means that I have to load it in safe mode to be able to use it and I can neither open media player nor un-mute the sound in safe mode. I may eventually just have to reinstall Vista but I’ve been trying to wait until after NanoWrimo finishes so that I don’t get too far behind with it.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

The current WIndows beta has background in full screen, but the last stable release doesn’t… I don’t think either have the two page option - at least, they don’t that I’ve noticed, but I haven’t gone looking. I’m sure someone will jump in to correct me if I’m wrong, though. :slight_smile:

Ahh that would explain why I don’t see an option for it then. :laughing: Thanks!