backed up imported files not restored

Hi, all. I’m using Scrivener on both Mac and Windows. I move my content between them by creating backups on my Linux file share, copying the backup zip to whichever machine needs to be updated, and then using the unzipped folder as my project (or project folder, in Windows).

I imported several Open Office files into the Research folder on my Mac, then followed the procedure above to get these changes onto my Windows machine. However, the imported files do not appear as part of the project when I open it in Windows.

The imported files (rtf) are there in the Files folder of the project on hard disk, but they don’t appear in Scrivener as part of the project. It’s like the metadata that includes them in the project got lost.

Any suggestions on what caused this / how to fix it / how to avoid it in the future?


Is this project synchronised with third-party software in any way? It could be the main .scrivx file got conflicted, and the version the Mac uses has the new binder data for those files, but the version Windows uses is the old version. Just check the project folder on Windows and make sure there is only one .scrivx file at the top level.

Hi, Amber. Thanks for the response.

No, no 3rd-party software involved.

But, yes, there is a stray .scrivx file in the folder on my Windows machine. It’s called “project.scrivx” and it doesn’t have the imported files, either. No idea where it came from. If I delete it, is that likely to fix the problem? (Not that I shouldn’t delete it if it won’t.)

I’d just take the step of dragging it out to the Desktop first and making sure the other one works fine, before deleting it, but yup that’s probably the problem. I’m not sure how it got that way, but I do know that Windows creates “project.scrivx” when you create a new project with it, and the Mac creates “myProjectName.scrivx” when you create one with it. It doesn’t usually matter, but in this case somehow two of them got created.

Yup! That did it. Muchas gracias for the assist.