Background Color in Tables[BUG LOGGED]

I’ve been messing around with tables today, and I’ve noticed a few oddities that I think may be bugs:

If you select a group of cells and then change the background color, it changes only the last cell selected and not the entire group. This may be how Mac programs work – I’ve never used a Mac in my life – but it’s very counter-intuitive to Windows users.

If you type text in a cell with no color fill and then add color to it, the background color of the text changes as expected. If you then delete that text, the background stays whatever color you chose. This is all expected behavior. No bugs here.

However, if you fill the cell with a background color first, then type the text, then try to go back to a white background (remove the color fill) the background of the text stays filled with color and does not go back to white, even though the cell itself does. You have to select the text itself, then go back to “None” in Cell Background to remove the color fill.