Background color

In FULL SCREEN mode I go to:


And my documents folder drops down so i can choose a file from my documents folder.

What’s that???



Not sure I entirely understand the question…“Background” in composition mode (erstwhile “Full Screen”) is the color or texture that fills the screen behind the “paper” area, i.e. the color/texture immediately behind the text:

Selecting “texture” rather than a solid color lets you choose an image file from your computer to be tiled for the background.


Thanks for explaining the difference. What I’m trying to do is brighten the “page” (“page” to me is the immediate background where the letters are displayed) in composition mode. My favorite full screen display is in STORYIST, but it’s not letting me into that document.

Short of that, just brightening up the page background in composition mode would help.



I’m still not sure I follow. You can set the paper color in composition mode to anything you want. Select “Paper” from the Customizable Colors list on the left in the Compose tab of Scrivener > Preferences, then click into the color swatch on the right and set the color. This uses the standard OS color palette, so you can adjust the hue, value, etc. and make it as bright as you want. When in composition mode, the control panel that appears when you mouse to the bottom of the screen also lets you adjust the opacity of the the paper if you have a backdrop image (View > Composition Backdrop), so if you were playing with this you may need to increase the opacity to make the paper color look as you expect. That only applies if there is a backdrop set, however; otherwise, the opacity adjustment is for the background, rather than paper, which seems not what you’re interested in.

Thank you. I was missing one step. I was hitting “background”, then going to color swatch, etc. Obviously to no effect.

got it done. Thanks,