Background colour in output?

Hi, I’m using Scriv 3 and absolutely loving it. Some of the work that I do requires that I include text boxes within a longer document, and this sort of output is now much more feasible in the new compile methodology—I hadn’t tried this sort of thing in Scriv 2. However, I’m not sure if there’s a way to change the background colour of document sections at the compile stage (optimally I’d love to actually output certain sections with a box with a border!); I don’t need a background image, though I guess things could be extended to that sort of thing.

In brief, is there a way to specify a background colour to a document, to work at the compile stage for final outputs?

Many thanks. BT.

There isn’t a really solid way of doing that in Scrivener, but you might be able to get by using the same technique we use in the interactive tutorial: a single cell table. Table cells can have a background colour added to them, and you can also tweak the border as well, to make it either invisible, as thick as you want or to change the colour of it.

Thanks, AmberV, I’ll have a look through the tutorial for this and tinker. Congrats on a great product and great support!