Background colour setting

Hi, I’m sorry I couldn’t figure this out without asking here. I’ve just begun using S3 (after using S2 years back). I’m most comfortable with having pretty much everything have a pale green background instead of the default ones.
I can’t figure out which of the many, many settings to go to if I want to change the background colour of the main text entry pane (where you’d be writing once you’ve given a text item a name). Please can anyone point me to somewhere I can set that to a new default colour?

Click the Scrivener name at the top right of your screen (by the apple). Click Preferences, then click Appearances along the top header, then Main Editor in the list to the left, finally click Colors from the three choices along the top line.
Hope that helps :slight_smile:.

Thanks, I’ve now got almost everything not-white. Is there any way to control the colour of the main window control bar at the top, which is currently pale grey? I’m trying to have as muted a window as possible, I’m light sensitive.

The main application toolbar is part of the macOS window frame, really. Like the title bar above it, there is on good way to change it. I’m sensitive to both light and clutter—myself I don’t use toolbars in any program as a result (and I fume at the developers that design their software so that toolbars are mandatory!). In Scrivener there is nothing you need the toolbar far. Even Quick Search falls back to a popup window state that acts more like Spotlight if you remove it from the toolbar, or hide it entirely.