Background (horizontal) scrolling

I really do love Scapple. It is great, but you already know that. I’m posting here today because there is something a bit annoying when your Scapple file is growing: under Windows, at least, there is no convenient to move around in a file. Well, there is the mousewheel for vertical scrolling, but for horizontal, as far as I know, we have to use the bottom scrollbar to move left and right and it is a little bit annoying.

(With the trackpad on my MacBook Pro this wasn’t an issue at all.)

That said, it would be great if there could be some kind of background scrolling like they implemented in Trello. When you click and hold on the background, you can move in any direction and it scrolls. Now I know that click and hold in Scapple draws a shape or allows for note selection. But maybe something similar could be done by holding right-click? Or pressing ctrl/cmd while clicking?

I’m not sure that what I’m trying to explain is exactly clear. Let me know if you need more details. I would love to see this added in Scapple!

Thanks and keep up the good work!


Hold down the space bar. :smiley:

I feel like an idiot now. But a happy idiot! :laughing:

Thanks a lot!