Background Image in Fullscreen Mode

Hi Keith and Company,

I searched the forum, but I didn’t see this particular question regarding full-screen mode. When I select an image for the background via General Preferences>Full Screen, etc., it works fine if I don’t touch the background fade slider. If I do use the slider, and fade IN the background, the desktop and its wallpaper and icons all appear. But here’s my concern: After fading OUT the desktop or background, the previously selected image that had been set up via General Preferences>Full Screen, as my full-screen background, doesn’t return; the background remains blank, with an off-white hue.

The only way to get my selected background image to appear once again, I must close full-screen mode and reopen.

Is this a known issue, or is this intended, or have I not read the User Manual close enough?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE 2.0, although I have to admit that I’ve done no creative work (and I have deadlines!) because there’s so much to play around with. Dangerous I tell you! :laughing:



Hi Keith,

I had an interesting happening. When I posted the above “bug,” I had ventured into the main Preferences>Appearance>Full screen>textures and had chosen my external images (a generic Apple image actually), and when I played with the “paper fade” in fs, the image disappeared and only showed the wallpaper of my desktop and the image I’d chosen never returned.

However, when I recently went into View>FullScreen Backdrop, and selected the image on my hd, the paper fade in fs works like a charm. :mrgreen:

I’m wondering if “textures” in the Appearance menu is not meant for images?



The “Background texture” that you choose from Preferences is a tiled thing, so that’s more for…well, textures, vs. the “Backdrop Image” that you chose via the View menu. But there definitely seems to be something weird with the fade on the texture.

I don’t have any problems with the paper fade when I have a backdrop image, but if I have a texture chosen and try to adjust the “background fade” at all in full screen, the texture image whites out and I can’t get it back without exiting and returning to full screen. The fade itself still works, but it’s just fading a blank white background instead of my texture.

2.0 build 6094 on OS X 10.6.5

Ugh. It seems that there is a bug in Cocoa whereby colours created with a texture don’t work with transparency. I’ll look into a workaround (such as disabling the slider for patterned backgrounds).
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