Background in Composition mode

Hello, I updated from Scriv 2 to Scriv 3 and the background image in composition mode can’t be changed (I mean in Preferences I put a different image or color but it won’t show, the image remains the same as before). To be honest this happens just in one project, so it may be a glitch related to that particular project/file. My question is: is it possible to copy and past settings (like the colours and background in Comp mode) FROM other projects, in order to see if this bypasses the issue?




You can set a background image in Composition Mode per-project. In Scrivener 2, this was done via the View menu. In Scrivener 3, this is done via Project > Project Settings. My guess is that you have an image set up for that particular project.

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That was it! Thank you :slight_smile: