Background shapes magnetic and overlaping, can "steal" notes

I’m quite new to Scapple, and very happy with it (up to now :smiley: ).
It’s so silly, no one developed such a simple tool without limiting struktures so far.

I didn’t found a topic about my problem here in the forum, may I have overlooked it. Sorry then.
My question is: It’s a feature or a bug.

I create two notes (wide apart each other) and create a new background shape around each of them.
So, both background shapes are magnetic, with a note inside each.
I enlarge each shape and then I overlap both shapes. Overlaping just as much as at last one note is inside both shapes (no connection created, just overlaping).
And now, I can move either shape away, and always this note (visible in both shapes) moves with the moved shape.

It’s quite vexing, because I wanted to simulate two stickies overlaping.
When I moved one of them to another place, half the notes of the other sticky moved away too.

Also when I copy and past (by key shortcuts) a shape, it can happen, the new shape (also magnetic) is placed a little bit shifted, on top of the one I want to copy. As soon as I move the pasted shape away, all notes in the original shape, also visible in the copied shape, will move away. (I solved this with using the context menu for paste, placing the mouse pointer to a free place).

Ok, please explain to me the meaning of this feature and advice how to handle it the right way.
If it’s a bug you may change the behavior to a more intuitive way “notes stay with the shape they are last placed in by draging or creating”. If you move such a note to a different shape, this one will also move with the new “owner” shape from now.

Thank you very much for your answers.

Hi, I’ve also encountered the same behaviour. Assuming the Mac and Windows versions work in a similar way, and you really do need to have overlapping background shapes, then my work-around is to do the following:

  1. Make a new background shape
  2. Add your notes anywhere to the page and connect them as required
  3. Connect the background shape to one of the notes
  4. Drag all the notes inside the background shape
  5. Add any new notes by connecting them to background shape and then repeat step 4

To move all the notes contained within the background shape, even if overlapping other background shapes, click anywhere in the background shape to select it, then use the option:

Edit --> Select --> Connected Clusters (then drag ‘cluster’ to a new position).

I do think it would be more useful if notes contained within a background shape became a self-contained group, that could also be sent to the front/back in one go.