Background & Text Colors in iOS Version

Would you like to see more options for screen and text color in the iOS version?

  • Definitely
  • Would use them if available
  • Don’t care

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I’m very pleased with the elegant functionality of Scrivener for iOS in general, but very much hope that future updates will expand the options for background (screen) color and text color.

I have seen posts to the effect of asking for night mode, or for a distraction free composition mode, but I’m really just referring to expanding the options for Background Colors under Settings. The three or four available are just too hard on the eyes, in my opinion, for spending hours in front of the iPad typing. I use another program for my drafting only so that I can use a dark tan background with black text, or occasionally the old black/green style. I have found these much less tiresome on the eyes, although I understand that people have different preferences and would agree that you’ve provided a very acceptable set of basic options.

I’ve included a poll in case there are others who feel the same way. I spent a long time searching for a distraction free option for the iPad and believe Scrivener to be far superior to the other options in all respects but that of customizing the visual environment for extended use. Thanks very much.