Backing up big projects

I have a question regarding to the problem of backing up the projects that are quite big and have couple of gigabytes of data. Currently I’m working on such project, that is almost 2,5 Gb big and making backup counts sometimes in tens of minutes. How to solve this problem?

If you’re mainly concerned with how the automatic backups work, the File/Back Up/Exclude from Automatic Backups project option will keep this project from taking minutes upon minutes to close. That will of course mean backups are up to you for this one project, but the “Back Up Now” command in that same menu (there is also a toolbar button you can add for it) basically triggers the automatic backup system, even for projects that wouldn’t ordinarily back up, while still using the same rules for those that would.

A less drastic approach is to disable zip compression in your Backup preference pane. A very large amount of the time that it takes to back up a 2.5gb project is spent compressing it into a single huge archive file. It will still take a while to duplicate that much data, but at least that’s all it will be doing.

Finally a third approach is to break things up a bit into at least two projects. In a large project, odds are high that 99% of the project doesn’t change from day to day, yet a full backup duplicates everything, even if it hasn’t changed. So you can optimise around that assumption by moving largely static research elements into their own project, one that doesn’t back up regularly, keeping the active elements, such as you WIP, in a lightweight project that can be backed up even several times a day if you wish. You do of course lose that tight integration between research and working material, but if it comes down to that or keeping your active work safe, well for myself the latter wins.

Plus there are some good ways to get around the integration issue, like dropping a PDF from your research project into a References pane for an item it pertains to in the working project. Double-click that to zip straight to the PDF in the other project window. Hyperlinks can be created as well, by right-clicking on items and selecting “Copy Document Link” and using that as the URL for a text link in sidebar notes, main text, or even other programs.

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