Backing up hard disk and Scrivener ...


A problem, I’m afraid. I think I can get round it, but I thought I’d better pass it on to you.

I’ve just been trying to redo the bootable back-up of the hard disk in my MBP, prior to upgrading to 10.6.3. I’ve been trying to do it with my usual back-up software Synchronize! Pro X, but it’s been failing. I’ve just checked the log and it says:

[code]30/03/2010 21:52 Starting backup for “System back-up”.

  • Can’t open an iterator for the folder “AboutPanel.nib” - File system error #-1,407. Folder scan stopped.
    Folder path:
    ** A “can’t open an iterator” error usually indicates a problem with the disk directory.
    ** You may find that turning off ‘Fast scan’ eliminates the OS error.
    ** You may be able to fix the problem by using Disk Utility to repair the disk, or you may need to erase the disk.
    ** If erasing the disk would cause you to lose data, or if you have questions, please contact Qdea Technical Support.
    I have had something like this before, though not with Scrivener, so I can check back to the solution I used then, but the only thing that may have changed since the last routine back-up is installing Scrivener 1.5.4.

I use Chronosync on the MBA, which backed up without reporting an error, so I don’t know if that is something specific to the MBP, or to Chronosync vs Synchronize! Pro X.
Thought you ought to know.



About.nib is just a .nib interface file. All that changed in 1.5.4 is that I changed the text to read 2010 instead of 2009. Given that the About panel opens fine, I can’t see that there’s a problem. Have you contacted Synchronize Pro to ask them about it?


Thanks Keith. In fact, I did as Synchronize! Pro suggested and turned off “Fast Scan” … that did the trick, and all is well. I should have done that before I mailed you, so I’m sorry to have taken your time. Synchronize! Pro is obviously very sensitive. I think I’ll run it from now on without “Fast Scan”, a) in the hope of avoiding such problems in future, and b) as I think, from what I could see last night, it seems to do a much more thorough job of backing up without it.

Thanks very much.


Hi Mark,

No problem, I’m glad you got it sorted. It is very strange that it choked on that file when the file itself works fine. Mind you, .nib files can be very sensitive. Sometimes they act oddly until open and saved again, so I’ll try opening and saving it again in the hope that it doesn’t cause problems for SP in the future, but normally when .nib files have problems they also act strangely when open and used for the interface.

Anyway, glad things are working okay without Fast Scan.

Thanks and all the best,