Backing up on Scrivener for Windows Vista

OK, so I know I am not allowed to scream since I am using a beta, but can I have a heart attack quietly? I have been using Scrivener all of September backing up to Drop Box until I tried to open up my Scrivener file tonight. I cannot find it. I know that the beta expired on September 30th but I rested confidently (unfortunately) in the (false) understanding that I still had the backed up files. I wanted to wait until October to pay for the program. I have prior edits but will have lost several rounds of edits that I would like to retrieve - plus notes, etc.

So, does anyone have any insight into how I need to proceed? I appreciate in advance any help.


OK, I reinstalled Scrivener and my work reappeared. Yea!

Oh, good! Sorry, I was in process of responding to this and then got interrupted and just now got back. The beta expiration and even uninstalling the program doesn’t affect your projects, as they’re stored externally to the program–and certainly your backups should all be. If you don’t know where they’re actually at on your drive, you can try doing a Windows search for “.scriv”–that should pull up all your projects. If you’re backing up to .zip then it won’t find the backups; you’ll need to search instead for .zip and then sort through for your projects, or search by the project name. Since you know you’re keeping them on Dropbox, though, you can limit the search to just that directory, which should limit the results.