Backing Up .scriv files onto the cloud


I’m trying to backup my .scriv backup file onto but am getting this message:

Problems with 1 of 1 files

Any suggestions for backing up .scriv files onto cloud storage?


Odd, never seen this message myself. I always choose “Backup To >” from the file menu and select the DropBox folder, twice a day.

Are you choosing the zip option when backing up to dropbox? Not using the zip option can corrupt the .scriv file.

The following thread will give you more information about saving backups to dropbox. Hope you find it helpful.


Sounds like a .zip file if there is only 1 of 1 files. If you aren’t using zip though, you should be. There is no reason to slam the Dropbox server with several thousand tiny files, when one zip file will do.

This sounds like a Dropbox error though, you’ll need to approach this from a standpoint of debugging Dropbox. All Scrivener does is request the filesystem to create a file in such and such folder. It’s completely oblivious to whether or not that folder is being monitored by Dropbox.