Backing up Scrivener

I am used to PC and just started using a Mac and just downloaded Scrivener which is a great great program. A main reason to switch to Mac. So I hope this doesn’t sound too much like a PC question.
Anyway, the Mac I am using is a borrowed laptop. If I purchase Scrivener, how do I backup Scrivener so I can switch and use it in a new laptop?

When the time comes to move to the new mac

  1. Copy your scriv projects to a removable media.
  2. Find the email with your scriv key.
  3. Go to your new mac.
  4. Download the DMG and install scriv
  5. Enter the key in the email you found in #2.
  6. Attach the removable media and copy all your scriv projects to your new mac drive.
  7. Wonder at how beautiful scriv and mac are.
  8. Lament the wasted time dealing with winblows.
  9. Become contented with life as you proselytize scriv and mac.

BTW welcome to Mac and scriv.