Backing up to external drive

OK, this is so basic, it’s embarrassing, but here goes. I want to back up my Scriv files to my external drive. In my Scriv Preference it show backups going to /Users/myname/Documents. That sound like it’s backing up to my computer. I can change it…but what do I write in place of what’s there now? I don’t even know how to begin to direct it to right place. I upgraded yesterday to ElCap and something changed in my Scriv Prefs–in fact I had to go get my serial # and prove I bought this program 3-4 years ago. When I first opened the screen showing my backup location, I thought I saw the reference to my Toshiba external drive but then it said there was no such file; either I messed it up or there are ghosts–anyway, I have no idea how to write that properly to make sure the backups go to the external drive. Could you walk me through the steps—leave nothing out. Telling me to backup tells me nothing. HOW. Please and thank you so much!

OK I just got this message when I tried to open a WIP: The document “PQ10-17-15” could not be opened. The volume “TOSHIBA EXT” couldn’t be mounted. Mount the volume and try again.

Appealing as it sounds, I can’t say I know the first thing about how to mount the volume. I do know I can’t access my WIP and my mounting apparatus is in a meltdown. Anyone? Please and thanks you.

Is the external drive visible in Finder?

If not, then you have an OS X system-level issue that you’ll need to resolve before attempting to use that drive for Scrivener projects. (Or anything else.)


Thank you Katherine…will be speaking to Apple tomorrow around Noon.