backing up

Hi, I back up my .sriv project…the whole thing every day to my idisk. I really don’t know what a .scriv file is, and wanted to know if this is a good place and way of backing it up.

Yes, it’ll do fine, but remember, it’s best to set it to back up as a zip file. I’d read the thread on “Working with online disks” or whatever it’s called. Scriv projects are actually packages of hundreds of files, and that can be a problem with online storage and things not getting fully backed up.


For long-term storage backups it is generally a good idea to check off the little zip archive box. It will save you a lot of space in the long run, and keeps the internal project files more secure, too.

Could you where and how I create that zip file. Where do I check off that that’s what I want.

When you choose Backup Project To… from the File menu, you are presented with a save dialogue box. At the bottom of this box, right above the buttons, there should be a checkbox for “Backup as ZIP file”.