I would like to know if this function exists: I would like to find in my Research section a text that would compile several excerpts from my Draft. To give a specific example: I have a detective who, within a dialogue, provides a short biography of a person whom I will call A. I would like, in my Research section, to have a folder or a text that I would name “Biography A” and that would include a direct link to this excerpt and others. Instead of copying this excerpt into my Research, I would prefer a direct link to the relevant excerpt. Does this function exist?

If you have already tried linking to “Biography A” from a few different places in your manuscript, try going to that biography in the main editor, and use the Navigate ▸ Inspect ▸ Bookmarks menu command or shortcut. If the inspector panel that opens up says “Project Bookmarks” at the top, click it and switch to Document Bookmarks.

Every time you make a link (or bookmark, as you have ultimate control over this list) between things, a backlink gets stashed here. It’s extremely useful! I share some tips on how this capability can be used in this longer guide on more advanced linking techniques in Scrivener. The use case I give is for better large-scale revision tracking, but the core concept works for everything, including this.

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Thanks a lot for sharing your numerous techniques. A lot to digest here. I clipped your linked post in my Evernote, I’ll study it!