Backspace and Delete Keys Disabled

I saw someone else reference that there is a mode that disables the backspace and delete keys and it seems that I have accidentally gone into this mode. I have no idea how I did this and no idea how to fix it. How to I get this back to normal?

The reference was to another program that does this; Scrivener doesn’t have such a mode, so it sounds like you might either have the focus somewhere such that the delete/backspace keys don’t work or you might have a bug, though I’ve never seen this. Are you typing in the editor and able to type other keystrokes? Have you tried closing and reopening the project?

Yes to all your questions. However, I went on my computer this morning and it was back to normal. Maybe it was just something wrong with my computer, although the other programs didn’t have that problem.

Hmm. If you get it again, can you take a screenshot of your project and let me know? I’ve never seen this, but if it is an odd bug I definitely want to track it down. If you can remember any of your actions that preceded it, as well, that’d be great. Sorry I don’t have anything more helpful for you!