Backtrack moves the cursor forward (rather than backward) through the media file. (This is when using [Ctrl][Enter] to pause and restart the player.) I’ve tried this with iTunes, QuickTime, and Windows Media Player as the default media players, and the behavior is the same in each.

Also, in general the media player in the Windows version is flaky to the point of being unusable. I do transcription in the OSX version of Scrivener and it’s a dream, but in Windows it’s pretty much impossible to do transcription. Besides the backtrack error referred to above (a show-stopper for transcription), the player loses its place constantly (generally jumping forward but occasionally jumping to the beginning); doesn’t retain its place if the pane is closed; and always reports incorrect time locations in the file.

Testing on 64-bit Win7 and the current 1.6.1 version of Scrivener, I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem with the rewind on pause; it always goes back the number of seconds set in the Navigation options. The default media player for your Windows account shouldn’t have any affect on this in Scrivener. Are there any other steps to cause the video or audio file to skip forward instead of back when you pause? Does it only occur with a certain type of file, e.g. only with .wmv files?

I do have a ticket out for the problem of the playback position being lost after switching documents in the editor, so we’ll try to get that persistent the way that it is in the Mac version. I haven’t seen the other problems you describe of the player losing its place or the time being incorrect during playback, although the time does retain its position after switching the document in the editor and returning, reverting to 00:00 once you’ve started playback (matching then the position of the scroller, which is already reset to the beginning); that issue is tied to the problem of the playback position being lost. The only other bug I can think of with this is that using the skip-to-end button while the media file is playing jumps it to the beginning instead of the end, but that doesn’t seem like what you’re talking about since it’s not just skipping to a random place within the file. Can you describe the problem a little more and provide reproduction steps so we can try to address the issue?

I have the same configuration. The project in question was created on my Macbook and is stored in Dropbox. No issues using it on the Mac. There are five MP3 files in the project, and I’m using the standard Windows media player as the default for MP3 files.

I was using the default four seconds that backtrack is set to. The counter on the screen would jump back four seconds while the sound would jump forward (what seemed like) four seconds. Turning off backtrack, it was fine. Obviously the counter gets more and more off the more the audio is paused.

I changed it to three seconds just to make it do something different. Now it’s unpredictable. Sometimes it backtracks three seconds; sometimes it just picks up where it left off with no backtrack; and sometimes it jumps forward three seconds. No rhyme or reason that I can see why it chooses one over the other.

I tried two different audio files in the project, and it’s the same for both.

I wasn’t able to make it lose its place this time, other than the incorrect counter referred to above.