Backup bug?

As well as saving to my laptop’s hard drive, I have Scrivener set to save through the backup option, to my NAS.

Scrivener Version: - 14 Nov 2019 and its earlier incarnations always backed up without issue.

Scrivener Version: (1274136) 64-bit - 28 Apr 2021 - always fails and the location and password have to be reset manually on every occasion.

I have backup software on my laptop that connects to the NAS frequently and there’s no issue.

At a guess I would conclude that Scrivener isn’t saving the password - while it does retain the backup location.

Does anyone have a solution?

I’d be quite surprised if Scrivener has any capacity to save passwords for a NAS. As far as I’m aware, it doesn’t have the ability to recognize that a particular folder/drive letter isn’t just an internal hard drive, which will lead to issues with live projects saved to NAS over a VPN, for instance.

Maybe how Scrivener creates its backups is triggering the OS to authenticate with the NAS multiple times in too short a time-frame, and making it disable the password as a security precaution?

Yeah, to confirm, Scrivener is entirely oblivious to file share mounts and logins. What is more likely going on is that it is requesting a particular drive mapping and the OS is what is handling the credentials. If it is only mapping the network drive on demand, rather than it always being available, then there may be security settings you need to tweak, that grants the new version permission to use the keychain. It sounds like maybe you did something along those lines in the past, with the old version.

I don’t know enough about it on Windows to provide any specific advice. Hopefully someone with more experience can stop by and share some tips.

I haven’t tried setting my NAS as an automatic backup location, but I do use mine to access certain Scrivener files on different devices in my home and don’t have any issues with that. One potential option if you can’t get the permissions adjusted to work right would be to move your save files to your NAS and your backups to your local device.

Thanks all.

It was ‘just’ a nuisance to discover the difference between the two versions - but thanks, I’ll have a dig around and see if there’s a setting that needs to be tweaked this time.