Backup crashing program

I read your post saying I should back up my project. I tried it twice, each time the happy little wait circle went round and round and round. After five minutes or more I just got the error message saying that the program wasn’t responding and asking if I wanted to close it. So… um, no backing up. If anything happens, I’m in deep (fill in your favorite word here).

You may have to build the path in windows explorer first. Maybe, Scrivener uses only established folders. It may not automatically build new path folders on the way to save.

Use a new folder path for each project. Scrivener files are saved into a folder with the .scriv extension. Do not under any circumstance change anything in the subfolders of the .scriv folder. The folder contains all the Scrivener operational files specific to the project.

Under each project folder I have a folder for backups. Never place anything into the ______.scriv folder. This is the folder Scrivener saves your project in.

I have a folder called Scrivener Projects. In there, I have folders with each of my project names. I save under the appropriate folder.

On my computer, Scrivener by default saves my projects under the “projectname.scriv” anywhere across the documents folder. I moved everything into the grouped project folder so I know where all the files are.

Scrivener saves the text files as numbered .rtf files. That’s why it is important to use a separate folder for each project.

Remember to keep the __________.scriv folder intact. Do not ever change anything in the sub folders. You can rename the first part of the _______.scriv folder, but then you will have to follow the corrected path when opening the project in Scrivener as Scrivener would not know the new path. Once Scrivener opens on the new path, it will remember it.

You can access the numbered .rtf files with any rtf editor but only if you suffered a catastrophic failure of Scrivener and can no longer get Scrivener to function ever.

Recovering a project from the numbered .rtf files is a long tedious process.

I hope this helps somewhat.

I am new at Scrivener and discover these things as I gain understanding how Scrivener works.
Scrivener for windows is a work in progress. We are partners in the process.
I really like what I see. I tried many others. To me Scrivener is the best.