Backup creates cross-linked folder?[NOTED]

My platform is a Toshiba laptop running Windows Seven. (forgive the verbosity. I get that way when nervous :slight_smile:

It all started when I decided to copy the text of one file to another and wound up with unpredictable font and spacing.  Sometimes it would paste in the former style, sometimes in verdanda/12 (which appears to be the default for my copy of Scrivener), and sometimes it went back to caveman days with ms shell-something 10… or 8.  I thought this weird, but I figured, ‘hey, it’s the bug I read about.’  

It was when I decided to back up my project that it messed up.  I went to ‘File/Back up project to…’ and selected for my destination ‘desktop:/holdingfolder/scrivener/myproject.scriv/bakup’ that things went wrong.  First, W7 displayed its famed ‘whirlpool’ icon of indecision, which lasted for many, many seconds, until I tried to cancel the whole thing. The screen went gray.   W7 popped up and said, in effect, in a helpful and witty manner, ‘Scrivener has stopped responding. What are you going to do about it?.’ 

Restarted Scrivener, found all but the last sentence of my text intact.  The ‘save text frequently’ feature works fine.

  On desktop:/holdingfolder/scrivener/myproject.Scriv/bakup’, W7 had created a folder ‘_myproject _14_11_10_10_47_AM.scriv.  

Inside this folder was another folder ‘bakup’.   Inside this folder was another folder ‘desktop:/holdingfolder/scrivener/myproject.Scriv/bakup’.  Inside this folder was yet another ‘bakup’ and so on until W7 ran out of patience and washed her hands of it.  “Filename too long,” it declared.  Properties on the top folder said there were 0 files and 20 folders inside.

Now, I’ve got a folder on my laptop that I cannot access because it’s too deep.  I can’t delete it because the filename’s too long. I repeat--I have found no way to delete this folder and it's beginning to creep me out. 

   There are probably ways to do this, but I am no longer a guru.  I turned in my crystal ball back in Windows 98 and decided to write fiction, since it made more sense.  P.S. I also have Scrivener on my desktop Windows XP and it backs up fine.

Unfortunately, this is a rather sinister bug. Please read the following post for solution to delete offending cross-linked-folder. This has been logged as a bug.