Backup date format

I would love it if I could choose to have the “Backup project to…” option create a file with the date format automatically YEAR MONTH DAY.

It’s not because I’m from any particular country, but because the way it is means that my backups, when collected in one folder, are organized all higglety pigglety since the current date format is DAY MONTH YEAR. So I get all the files saved on the first of any month first, then all the files saved in any particular month grouped together, then year, and so forth.

I apologize if this date format can be changed somewhere. I haven’t yet found where except to change it every time it goes to save.


The date format of backups actually uses the short date format as set in the System Preferences under International > Formats.

To view your backups in true date order in your folder, just select the list view in the Finder and click on the header of the “Date Modified” column to sort by date.

Hope that helps.
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Fantastic! You’re introducing me to bits of my OS I hadn’t yet found. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Glad to help. :slight_smile:

You can also use LABELS in the Finder for sorting as well so you can also “tag” a file with a color then sort by those colors. (for more info click on the desktop -FINDER- and then under HELP type LABEL