Backup difficulty

My MacBook Air crashed, and I had to restore the IOS as well as all my apps etc. I retrieved a Scrivener backup file for my MS, from my external hard drive. However the program will not open it. It tells me things like the suffix is incorrect. I am not very tech savvy, and am desperate to recover this file.Please tell me it is possible !
I wondered if you have a phone number for tech support, and one could call to walk through the steps, please?
Many thanks for helping

Is it a .zip backup? If do you need to extract it first. If not what is the file extension you are trying to open?

Thanks for your response. I did not see a ZIP option. It is a scrivx file

The .scrivx file is the master index file, used to build the Binder. You need the complete .scriv folder.

How were the backups created?


I have now purchased a new MacBook Pro, and attempting to use Scrivener on that. My original licence number will not work. How can I simply transfer my licence from old Mac to new?